Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008, year of the crank

There. I've done it. I've removed myself from both MySpace and Facebook. I've decided that I'm just too old and crotchety to be involved in things that are hip and network-y. Even blogging is starting to make me feel like a pederast.

I realize that doing this may well rob me of an opportunity to find out about a cool band, hook up with a gallery that will certainly transform my lackluster career into that of an international superstar, or meet the hipster of my dreams. No matter; what's done is done.

I assume that most people who know me know where to reach me. If Karen Kilimnik, John Waters, Gloria Steinem, the Coen brothers, David Bowie, Christian Bale, Jane Campion, Jon Stewart and/or Stephen Colbert, Judy Davis, Will Ferrell, Reese Witherspoon, Harry Shearer, or that little fat kid from Bad Santa go wondering about where I've gone and want to find me, I'd appreciate it if one of you would direct them to the 'contact' section of my website.

Happy New Year!