Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another Wonderful Way to Waste Hours on the Web

James Westcott, of the online mag Art Review asked me to mention the publication in my blog. Normally, I would blow off such a request, but I really do like this site. There's all kindsa crap on it, from written reviews and artist vids to an artist registry and forum. It's nicely designed (but what the fuck would I know about design? I'm about as qualified to talk about the quality of design as I am to talk about the characteristics of fine wine. Do I like it? Does is taste better than a tumbler full of Boone's Farm? Let's just say that my scope is relatively limited.)

One thing that I really love on this site are the man-on-the-streets video art reviews. There's one by James Kalm on the Luc Tuymans show at David Zwirner that is just great. It's like, "Hey, I just hopped off my bike and here I am at this gallery, and here's what some critics have said, and here's a bunch of out-of-focus and wobbly footage of paintings and people at the opening!" I really do like that. I think all art coverage should be like this.

Also, if you do go to this video, pay attention to one of the opening attendees--a seriously bottled blonde wearing a dress that clasps at the neck and exposes all of her back down past the waist. Some serious butt crackage goin' on there.

If you're like me and spend far more time surfing the net than is recommended for the health, I think you'll find something here to amuse you for so many hours you will forget that you could be doing your own work.