Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Some People

Kickasssss artist Harrell Fletcher, co-creator of the awesome online (and ongoing) project Learning to Love You More , brings us yet another way to relish in the richness of our communal existences. Some People, a new project that we're invited to join in on, is described thusly:

Some people get to be well known and other people live their lives in obscurity. For this project you get to choose and present someone that you think other people should know about by making a documentary about them. Your documentary can take any form that can be presented on the web — video, sound, images, text or any combination of those things. The hope is that this will eventually become an archive of interesting people that previously were not well known, from all over the world.

So this will be a good opportunity to prove that your Aunt Dottie is infinitely more interesting than Paris Hilton--because we all knew she always was--by participating in the project. Or you can just do it to show how cool your ex-wife is, as Peter Max Lawrence did with Virginie Falquerho. Who knows? The person you choose to immortalize may well become the subject of a series of strange videos by Japanese people. It worked for me.