Friday, April 18, 2008

Now He Tells Me

I was recently alerted to a website called The Two Percent which kinda takes the tedium and dirty work out of gallery hopping in maze-like districts like Chelsea. The video's informative and funny, and although I don't completely think that the method accounts for all tastes, I think that it does a pretty good job at painting a wide and informative brush stroke. I just wish I'd known about it while I was up there this time; it seems that sheer fatigue prevented me from seeing some really good stuff.

I also liked the "about" section on the website's founder, David Behringer:

Originally from Seattle, David currently resides in Manhattan. All information presented in 'the two percent' is gathered and qualified only through his regular gallery viewing experiences. David is 30 and has no pets.

Now, there's a man you can trust.