Friday, June 13, 2008

That's a Negative

Holly Andres, “Behind the Old Painting,” 2007, C-Print at Quality Pictures Contemporary Art.

Portland-based artist/photographer/writer (formerly of Houston, TX) Chas Bowie, who once brought us the totally awesome blog YOUR DAILY AWESOME is back in the blogging business. For those of us who were bummed when Bowie quit showing us cool shit (even though it was probably taxing to find something cool every single day, we can now be happy again. According to Bowie, "The goal of That's a Negative is to provide a voice of critical discourse about the medium, to examine the lineage of contemporary trends, and to attempt to make sense of the practice and theories of global photography. I am exposed to photography in Portland more than anywhere else in the world, so the site will also serve as an ongoing record of photographic activity in Portland."

He's already got some great stuff up, so check it out.